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Accommodation and Homestay

Level Up Academy can help students find short term student accommodation in homestays and private lodgings. Once you enrol we can help you confirm accommodation at providers such as Unilodge, Urbanest and Student Accommodation Australia. We are not able to assist with Sharehouses or Backpacker Hotels. 


Average cost per week: $250 – $300

With a homestay you can experience everyday life with a host who you can speak with about everyday life like eating and things to do in Melbourne.  We can organise a homestay for you. Please notify us as soon as you have decided on this option. We will try to find a homestay for you as quickly as possible, but need 14 days notice. If we have less than 14 days notice then you can stay short time in a backpacker while you are waiting.


Average cost per week: $150 – $300

Sharehouses are a great way to make friends who have a variety of interests and hobbies. You can enter a sharehouse with other people from your country, other international students or local people. Some houses are a mix of nationalities, but all have their own style. We can recommend websites that you can use to find a suitable sharehouse.

Student Accommodation

Average cost per week: $300 – $400

Student accommodation is generally located in the city, very close to school. It is also private where you have your own space but also have the opportunity to meet other students. The space is usually quite limited, but very clean. We can recommend high quality student accommodation if you require.

Backpacker Hotel

Average cost per week: $175- $250

For a short stay in Melbourne, staying in a backpacker hotel is a good option. You will share a room with a number of other guests and stay in the city. It is usually very easy to find a place and is much more flexible than the other three options. We can recommend high quality backpacker hotels if you require. 

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