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Student support services

Learning English is much more than just taking tests and exams, but they are still an important part of the process. At Level Up Academy we use a combination of methods to make sure you are making progress. All of these involve the student, teacher and academic manager working together. These include chapter tests, the development of a folio of homework and writing weekly tests.

Check your progress 

Students can measure their improvement across all four skills with the help of the feedback given by the teachers mid- term and end of their course. We recommend you participate in all the activities especially the speaking practice and make time for self-study to help improve your English proficiency quickly.

Levelling Up 

To level up you need to attempt all the tests during your course with an average of 60% and above in Speaking, Listening, Reading or Writing all the macro skills.

Apply for Further Study at a Pathway

Students who have completed Upper Intermediate 10 weeks, are also able to get an average of 60%, and above are able to apply to one of our pathway providers for further study in Australia.  



To assist you with common issues like stress, anxiety, homesickness we have an experienced and qualified counsellor. If you need help you can seek advise of our counsellor by making a prior appointment.

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