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Pronunciation and speaking


& Speaking



Pronunciation is one of the critical aspects of speaking that influences intelligibility and communication skills. Having a thorough understanding of how the mouth produces consonants and vowels and the rules of word and sentence stress are an invaluable assets in developing a high proficiency in English. This course gives students a detailed understanding of the position of the tongue, lips, teeth so that their English pronunciation can be accurate and native-like. The course also looks at developing fluency in speaking through oral presentations, pair and group work, reading aloud and role plays. 

This course is for students who struggle with pronunciation despite being stronger in other areas of their English like vocabulary and grammar.

This is a booster course which will help students develop their speaking quickly. In this course students:

  • Learn the places of articulation to produce consonants 

  • Learn how the jaw, lips and tongue are positioned to produce vowels

  • Learn how to read and write the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA)

  • Get individualised help with common pronunciation errors in their speech

  • Learn the rules and how to produce accurate word stress

  • Learn the rules and how to produce accurate sentence stress

  • Learn how to use emphatic stress to express meaning

  • Learn how to use pitch to indicate statements as opposed to questions


Speak accurately, clearly and fluently! 

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