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Language Exchanges


Meeting Local people who are learning languages is one of the best ways to improve you opportunities to meet and have extended conversations with native speakers of English.

Every Monday we take our students to a language exchange that will connect you with new friends in Melbourne.

There are also other language exchanges in Melbourne. For native speakers of Chinese, Japanese and Korean – there is Language Connection. It is a language exchange where you help local Australian learners of Chinese, Japanese and Korean with their study, and then they will help you with your English. It is a social event as well and you can make new friends. To see more details, have a look at their website.

For all of our students there is another great event called “The Couch”. Run by the Salvation Army and the City of Melbourne – this is a hang out for international students from all countries where you can have something to eat, tea or coffee and make new friends. This is available from Monday to Thursday every week.

To see more visit their Facebook site click here:

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