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Event of the Week Weekends

After a long week of studying hard its time to chill and wind down. Coming to Level Up is like walking into a group of friends, and going out is one part of that. Each week we recommend a special cultural event such as a concert, performance, festival or even just a special party at bar in the city because of its atmosphere and good prices.

Melbourne is the cultural hub of Australia and we have so many different choices of events to attend. Some examples include St. Kilda Festival, Anime Festival, and the International Film Festival.

We will also recommend a bar of the week. One of the best things to  do after a lot of study is just use the language in natural conversation. Ideally learners should spend about half their time learning new grammar and vocabulary, and the other half practicing using it. We put a lot of practice time in class, but to really master the language you have to spend a lot of time using the language socially, and over a few drinks is one of the best ways.

Some of our favourites include: Arbory, Workshop and The Croft Institute.

Here is a great article about three of the most interesting bars in Melbourne. 

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