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Student Testimonials

I am totally satisfied with Level Up English. I recommend this school. I admire teacher's passion for teaching. It was an amazing experience. Recently I passed the entry test of the university.  I also want to say thank you to all my professors.

- Meriel, Korea (General English: Intermediate/ IELTS)

This school is fantastic, I  had the best teachers. Great variety not boring at all.

We play different games to learn grammar

and memory.

All the teachers were good, Martin, Sam, Dan, Daniel. Thanks for everything now is time to traveling and live my dream. 

​- Nathalie, Switzerland (General English:


I have been studying at Level Up since last year. I couldn't speak English very well before I came here. Our teachers are so friendly and patient. My English made a big improvement, also I made some new friends who are from other countries. I can practice my English at Level Up. I am really enjoy studying here. If you want to improve your English and pronunciation come to Level Up, it's the right choice.


- Wen, Taiwan (General English/ Pronunciation)

I highly recommend this class to people who want to improve their English pronunciation. Because we need someone to check it. In real conversation, I think pronunciation is necessary for me to tell what I say properly. Our teacher is really experienced and passionate. Also other members are from different countries and motivative. I really enjoy this class every time.

 - Minami, Japan (General English:


Going to this course is so helpful to understand when we make mistakes and how to correct them. Also, learning the phonetic alphabet allows a better self teaching if you don't actually know the right pronunciation of a word. The teacher is very passionate with a nice sense of humor. The class is so enjoyable. Thank you teacher 😉


- Roberta, Italy (PTE Academic/Pronunciation)

I like after school’s activities. I enjoyed soccer, basketball and barbeque. I made some friends and exchanged instagram’s account. All teachers are very kind. The best part of Level Up English is that we can talk a lot of foreign countries people, so we can make a lot of friends and we can exchange many informations of each other country.

I learnt a lot of things. For example, I learnt vocabulary, words, grammar and pronunciation. I wanted to learn pronunciation, so I’m satisfied to learn. I will practice the pronunciations “th”, “I”, and “r”. I would recommend our class to my friends because we can learn vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation. Besides, all teachers can teach politely.


- Ayaka, Japan (General English: Elementary)

I love all of Level Up English. All classes made me happy and improved my English. Many games was included, they were easy to understand English. Finally, thanks for all excellent teachers. You are very very kindly and smart. I love you! I learnt “passive voice” and “first conditional”. They were very difficult and made me confused, but I can understand clearly after taking classes. Also, I got many new words and knowledges about Australia.

- Chika, Japan (General English: Intermediate)

It is hard to find a pronunciation course and studying pronunciation on your own is quite impossible (or, at least, really boring). So, these classes are the best way to improve your English in terms of intelligibility. Daniel is engaging and knowledgeable, and every lesson is useful and great fun! I definitely recommend it!!

- Laura, Italy (Pronunciation/Private Class)

I like learn English with my classmate. I think my teachers is cool teacher. I learnt a game. The game name is: Hot seat. When you miss us, you should call us line. I want to learn with you again! Happy everyday! The best part of Level Up is the English games and English teachers. 


- Wang Huan, China (General English:


I would like to say my PTE Academic tutor at Level Up English is a great teacher, who prepares for the class and makes you enjoy the class while learning. I was scoring low in my practice test , but with him I  improved q lot and he gave me good techniques to score higher. I got an average of 72 on my first try after just a couple of sessions. 

Jessica, Colombia (PTE Academic

Private Class)

Our class has many activities. So, it’s very fun. We can always talk with many friends who come from Korea, China, Saudi Arabia. It is very great experience and I never forget. I learn pronunciation so much in this class. Japanese school doesn’t teach pronunciation very well but this class teacher teach me pronunciation. Thank you so much. We can especially improve speaking and talking ability, because we always speak and talk with my friends and teacher. Also we can get right English grammar.

I think teachers in this school is very kind and witty so I could enjoy very much. I want to be in this school more long time. I’m very sad now. We can talk with many foreign friends in this class. It’s very fun and enjoyable experience for me. Thank you for giving me precious experience. See you next time!


- Yuki, Japan (General English: Intermediate)

There are a lot of activity, grammar, speaking and listening chance. I feel tired sometimes, but every lesson are very interesting. At Level Up, I learnt especially listening and speaking English. In Japan, there is no time to speak and listen English. So, I Learnt hard. Now, I can compose sentence more quickly. In the end, I can talk with foreign friends. I recommend our class to my friends. Teachers are very friendly and teach politely. So, you can feel improve your English level.


- Koki, Japan (General English: Intermediate)

Level up 에서 보낸 삼개월의 시간이 잊혀지지 않을것 같아요. 멜버른에 도착하자 마자 빨리 영어를 늘리기 위해서 level up에 찾아갔습니다. 편리한 로케이션과 선생님들의 연령대가 젊은 편이고 가격도 합리적인 이유로 level up을 선택하게 되었습니다. 삼개월동안 보카, 스피킹, 라이팅 전체적으로 업그레이드가 되었다고 생각합니다. 무엇보다도 3개월전 멜버른에 막 도착해서 저도 모르게 자신감이 많이 줄었었는데 level up에서 친구들도 사귀고 선생님들과도 대화를 많이 하여 다시 성격도 밝아졌고 여러므로 긍정적인 효과를 가져왔습니다. 다른 사람들을 만날때의 두려움도 많이 사라졌고 이를 바탕으로 구직에도 성공할수 있었다고 생각합니다. 샘 선생님은 저의 favorite teacher 입니다.  사실 level up에 오기 전날에도 다른 곳에서 트라이얼을 하였지만 마음에 들지 않았는데 샘 선생님의 수업을 들은지 삼십분 만에 결정을 할수 있었습니다. Dineal 선생님은 수업 외에도 여러가지 대화를 할수 있도록 유도를 하여주셨고 선생님의 관심을 많이 느낄수 있었습니다. Dan 선생님은 정말 저의 영어 실력 향상을 위해 많이 노력해주셨습니다. 제가 틀린 문장을 내뱉었을때 매번 다 고쳐주셨으며 장난끼가 많으시고 아는 것도 많으셔서 같이 수다떨때 제일 재미있는 선생님이였습니다. 그 외에도 월요일 수요일은 본 수업 외에 보충수업으로 아이엘츠 수업을 진행해 주셔서 아이엘츠를 준비하는 학생이나 아이엘츠가 어떤것인지 궁금한 학생들에게 적어도 기초 개념을 잡아 줄수있는 유익한 시간이었습니다. 

마지막으로 솔직히 지금 하고 있는 일이 아니라면 멜버른을 떠날때까지 level up 에서 수업을 듣고싶지만 그럴수 없어서 많이 아쉽습니다. 시간이 있을때마다 놀러갈께요 감사합니다.  

Sophie, Korea (General English: Upper Intermediate)

初めてLevel UP English に入った際、まず迎え入れて頂いた先生方、学校全体の雰囲気が良いのが伝わり、好印象だったのを覚えている。




最後に、ここの、Level UP English にいる全ての先生が常に真剣に生徒のことを考えてくださっているのは間違いない。短い間であったが、ここを選んで本当に良かったと思っている。

Megumi, Japan (General English: Intermediate)

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