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Do I need to get a visa to study in Australia?

Yes, anyone traveling to Australia must have a valid visa, regardless of the duration of their stay. Depending on your country of origin you may be able to apply for your visa online


Can I study at Level Up Academy on a tourist visa?

Yes, you can. You can study for up to three months at Level Up Academy on a tourist visa.


Can you help me with my visa?

Level Up Academy is an accredited language school and we can issue offer letters and CoEs for students who meet our application requirements. Level Up Academy recommends that students seek visa help from accredited education or migration agents who are experts in the visa application process. If you need help finding an agent then please contact us at


Which level of General English will I be in?

We allocate students to the level most appropriate to their proficiency. Before starting, students take a level check test. If you are only able to arrive at school on the first day of your enrolment then you will need to arrive at 8:00am to complete the level check test. Students are encouraged not to write in their textbook until the end of the first week because sometimes students need to move up or down a level after their first week.


Can you help me find a homestay?

Yes we are able to offer a homestay. Don't hesitate to get in touch with us one month before you arrive in Melbourne so that we have enough time to organise a homestay or visit our Accommodation page.


When can I start?

You can start on any Monday of the year except for two weeks over Christmas when the school is closed.


What are the teachers’ backgrounds?

We choose our teachers very carefully and many of our teachers have a master's degree as well as a bachelor's and TESOL certification. We pride ourselves on having teachers who are also active learners of foreign languages.

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