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Counseling for Mental Health Wellbeing

Mental health support for international students in Australia

Level Up Academy mental health

As an international student in Australia, it's normal to struggle with mental health. You're not alone, and resources are available to help you. Let's work together to find the support you need.

  • Please get in touch with Australian emergency services on 000 (triple zero) in a life-threatening danger.

  • In a crisis, call the Lifeline Crisis Hotline on 13 11 14.

  • MensLine - 1300 789 978

Please remember, you are NOT ALONE.

Why are international students at risk?

Studying abroad can cause homesickness and culture shock, which can be overwhelming.


There are many things to adjust to in a new country, such as:

  • Being far away from family and friends

  • Dealing with different cultures

  • Language barriers

  • Feeling socially isolated

  • Academic pressures

  • Different education systems

  • Financial stress.

International students in melbourne
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