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About Us

Change Experience of Education

Our main goal has always been to develop a teaching model that ensures high-quality education for our students and provides them with a complete and enriching learning experience. This academic year, Level Up is committed to enhancing the school culture, providing our students with top-notch English lessons, and ensuring that they have an enjoyable stay here in Melbourne, Australia.


Our team's enthusiasm and expertise ensure our students receive the highest quality language education.

We are an international language school run by a team of passionate women who are working together to transform the current learning space for international students studying in Melbourne.

Why study English at Level Up Academy?


Native Teachers

English classes with Native English-speaking teachers, including fun activities.


Nationality Balance

We have a balance of nationality mix. Students make friends from all over the world.


Personalised Support

Personalised English learning school with one-on-one support.


Good Quality/ Price

Special promotion until July 31st: high-quality lessons at a discounted price.

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The Team:

  • Camila Cruz - Marketing and Communications

  • Daniela Amaris - Admissions and Student Services

  • Gurbir Gill - PEO

  • Georgia Grammenos - ELICOS Operations Manager and Business Development

  • Manami Tanaka - Business Development Manager Asia



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